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Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!
5511 West Pico Blvd. at Hauser
Los Angeles, CA 90019

Topics Covered

✔ On-Camera "Cold Read" Commercial Copy/Script Exercise

✔ 1-on-1 Improv "Personality" Interview Exercise

✔ 3 Powerful Techniques Actors Can Use to Get More Castings on LA Casting, Actors Access, iActor and Other Online Services

✔ How to Sign With a Top 50 Commercial Agent

✔ Feedback From Top Commercial Casting Directors on What They Expect to See in the Actors Performance On-Camera Today


Anyone 12 and over may attend. However, those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Due to the limited seats available for this FREE class, there is a $24.99 seat holding fee that will be REFUNDABLE at the end of the event. The $24.99 seat holding fee is NOT MANDATORY (Monday - Saturday). This seat fee IS MANDATORY for free classes held on Sundays. Although the seat fee is NOT MANDATORY for free classes Monday through Saturday, it does guarantee you a saved seat. YOU MUST ACTUALLY ATTEND THE FREE CLASS TO RECEIVE YOUR REFUND.


Our FREE On-Camera Audition Technique classes offer up to 3 hours of an on-camera workout as well as excellent instruction on how to make thousands of dollars in residual income doing television commercials.  Coach Mike teaches outstanding, cutting edge strategies that have helped thousands of actors quit their day jobs and build a successful career in TV commercials over the last 16 years.  Coach Mike's powerful on-camera techniques and business strategies have also helped hundreds of actors book television and film roles.  Coach Mike's cutting edge instruction, winning strategic game plans, honesty and integrity has set a new standard and approach that other commercial acting coaches are feverishly trying to imitate.  These classes are highly recommended by top agencies such as Commercial Talent, Aqua Talent Agency, The Pantheon Agency and Casting Directors that also teach classes!